After promising that the Little Sisters’ religious beliefs would be protected if they switched plans under ACA, the government created a new regulation requiring that the Little Sisters change their healthcare plan to offer services that violate Catholic teaching.  A quarter of U.S. workers [link page on who is excluded] are employed by secular companies (e.g., Exxon, Visa, Pepsi) that the government has exempted from having to provide these services The Little Sisters object in their plans to because those employers did not try to improve their health plans under ACAand are “grandfathered.”  

The government is arguing that since it has offered to reimburse the costs of the services, there is nothing wrong with forcing the Little Sisters to offer them.  The Little Sisters are saying this is not about money but conscience [link soda graphic and moral explanation page] and whether they should be forced to change their healthcare plan to offer services they have a moral objection to when those services could be provided more effectively through the government’s healthcare exchange.